South Ruchis Group

Know your farmer, know your food, Growing organically requires extra effort and attention to things like crop rotations, controlling disease and pests, tilling of the land, and how and when the vegetables are harvested. Organic agriculture is intended to produce high quality, nutritious food that contributes to preventive health care and well-being. In view of this, it should avoid the use of fertilizers, pesticides, animal drugs and food additives that may have adverse health effects.

SOUTH RUCHIS Organic Farm is one of the highly known farm to produce their own Veggies, Fruits& Spicesstaples and used in their own chain of restaurants. It’s free from chemicals processed through JEEVAMRUTH which means Jeeva is Life and Amruth is Medicinal Potion. Jeevamrut is 100% organic and have no harmful effects on soil health.Jeevamrut is the traditional Indian bio pesticide and organic manure that is prepared by the unique technique of fermentation of the combined mixture of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, Gram flour, soil and water for 21 days.

SOUTH RUCHIS organic farm is animal friendly, they have cows, Hens, birds freely moving in the land which controls the pest where we have natural process of eliminating them. Their natural manure is taken and used in the jeevamruth processing from our desicows(Bosindicus).